Kentucky Quality Counts

Kentucky Quality Counts is the new Quality Data Collection tool for the Kentucky Hospital Association and the Kentucky Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. It is an online system that securely allows for the submission, collection and editing of all outcome and process measures for quality reporting.

Kentucky Quality Counts data collection system will begin collecting 2015 data for all initiative based measures. Previous quality data will be submitted into the system by the KHA administration.

The most critical component for utilizing information is the data from which the information is derived. The integrity and usefulness of the Kentucky Quality Counts information are based on the accurate and complete reporting of the data from each individual facility.

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Quality Data Resources

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Kentucky Quality Encyclopedia of Measures

Kentucky Hospital Association

pdfFebruary 13, 2024publicly-available-data-on-hospital-qualitytoolspdf

Search Leapfrog’s Hospital and Surgery Center Ratings

wwwJanuary 24, 2024publicly-available-data-on-hospital-qualitywebsitewww
Joint Commission Quality Check

The purpose of Quality Check is to list Joint Commission accreditation status.

wwwJanuary 24, 2024publicly-available-data-on-hospital-qualitywebsitewww
Hospital Compare

Find and compare information about the quality of care at over 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals, including over 130 Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers and over 50 military hospitals, across the country. (CMS)

wwwJanuary 24, 2024publicly-available-data-on-hospital-qualitywebsitewww
National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

htmlDecember 1, 2023publicly-available-data-on-hospital-qualityreportshtml
Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI)

KHA 2023 Quality Conference Presentation: Kristin Vinson, MSN, RN, CSRN, Clark Regional Medical Center

, , pdfMarch 3, 20232023 publicly-available-data-on-hospital-quality kha-quality-conferencepresentationpdf
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP)

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

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Insights on Quality Improvement

KHA 2022 Quality Conference Presentation: Amanda Green of UK Healthcare and Bill Harrington of St. Elizabeth Healthcare

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Conferring Rights to KHA Quality Group For NHSN

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