Infection Prevention

The Infection Prevention Program at the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) exists to serve as a resource for infection preventionists and other healthcare personnel within KHA member hospitals by providing guidance and technical assistance. As a branch of the KHA Quality Program, KHA staff can collaborate with hospital teams and individuals to create infection prevention strategies, process improvement initiatives, provide feedback, and sustain results.


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IP 101: Class 4: Surveillance

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  • , , wwwJuly 18, 2024infection-prevention ip-101 kha-quality-webinarwebinarwww
    Compendium of Strategies to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections in Acute Care Hospitals

    Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)

    , , , , , , wwwJune 26, 2024c-difficile cauti clabsi infection-prevention mrsa ssi vaewww
    IP 101: Class 3: NHSN Overview

    , , wwwJune 12, 2024infection-prevention ip-101 kha-quality-webinarwebinarwww
    IP 101: Class 2: Foundational Infection Prevention

    , , wwwMay 16, 2024infection-prevention ip-101 kha-quality-webinarwebinarwww
    Infection Prevention Risk Assessment for Nursing Homes Template

    xlsxApril 30, 2024infection-preventionxlsx
    Content of an Infection Prevention and Control Plan

    Outline developed by Libby Chinnes, RN, BSN, CIC, FAPIC

    pdfApril 30, 2024infection-preventionpdf
    IP 101: Class 1: Intro to Infection Prevention: A Quick-Start Guide for the New IP

    , wwwApril 17, 2024infection-prevention ip-101webinarwww
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: Sepsis and Palliative Care – The Care Continuum

    , wwwMarch 28, 2024infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: Use of Simulation to Promote Best Practice for Obtaining Blood Cultures

    , wwwFebruary 26, 2024infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    Surviving Sepsis Campaign

    Society of Critical Care Medicine

    , wwwJanuary 25, 2024infection-prevention sepsiswebsitewww
    National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)

    CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network is the nation’s most widely used healthcare-associated infection tracking system. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

    , htmlJanuary 24, 2024infection-prevention quality-organizations-and-government-informationwebsitehtml
    APIC: Association of Professionals in Infection Control website

    wwwJanuary 24, 2024infection-preventionwebsitewww
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: Regulating Sepsis Care in New York Hospitals

    , wwwDecember 7, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    Hospital Inpatient Specifications Manuals

    The Specifications Manual for National Hospital Inpatient Quality Measures contains abstraction guidance and technical specifications to successfully submit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) hospital inpatient quality measures.

    , wwwDecember 1, 2023infection-prevention sepsisguidelineswww
    When Someone Asks What I Did Today at Work: Here is What I Tell Them

    Ruth Carrico PhD DNP APRN CIC FSHEA FNAP FAAN, Carrico & Ramirez, PLLC, Adjunct Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Louisville School of Medicine

    , pdfNovember 7, 2023infection-prevention ip-day-2023presentationpdf
    Building a Safe Future: Integrating Infection Prevention Measures in Construction Practices

    Julia Frith DNP, RN, CIC, Manager, Clinical Research Development & Support-NIDI

    , pdfNovember 7, 2023infection-prevention ip-day-2023presentationpdf
    One Team, One Goal: How Centralization and Automation Optimize Infection Prevention

    James Hensley MLS(ASCP), CIC, MBA, System Director of Infection Prevention, Appalachian Regional Healthcare; Amanda Taylor MPH, CIC, System Epidemiologist, Appalachian Regional Healthcare; Justin Caudill RN, Regional Director of Infection Prevention, Appalachian Regional Healthcare

    , pdfNovember 7, 2023infection-prevention ip-day-2023presentationpdf
    Breaking the Chain and EVS Gain

    Megan Messamore, Ohio County Hospital

    , pdfNovember 7, 2023infection-prevention ip-day-2023presentationpdf
    Continuous Process Improvement Workshop

    Kristi Cox, CSSBB, MHRE - Process Improvement Specialist and Leah Oppy, MPH, CIC – Infection Prevention & Control Manager

    , pdfNovember 7, 2023infection-prevention ip-day-2023presentationpdf
    Secrets of the CBC . . .What’s the Diff??

    Kathleen M. Vollman MSN, RN, CCNS, FCCM, FCNS, FAAN

    , pdfNovember 7, 2023infection-prevention ip-day-2023presentationpdf
    TAP C. difficile infection (CDI) Implementation Guide: Links to Example Resources

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    , htmlNovember 3, 2023c-difficile infection-preventiontoolshtml
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar (October 26, 2023)

    , wwwOctober 26, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: Patient Story

    , wwwSeptember 29, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    KHA Podcast: Sepsis

    As part of Sepsis Awareness Month, KHA’s Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Transformation Deb …

    , wwwSeptember 26, 2023infection-prevention sepsispodcastwww
    Sepsis Toolkit

    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium

    , pdfSeptember 23, 2023infection-prevention sepsistoolspdf
    Bristol Stool Scale

    , pdfSeptember 1, 2023c-difficile infection-preventiontoolspdf
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: SEP-1 Targets

    , wwwAugust 24, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    Predicting Sepsis Readmissions Using Social Determinants of Health

    , , , , wwwAugust 10, 2023health-equity infection-prevention kha-quality-webinar readmissions sepsiswebinarwww
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: SeptiCyte RAPID

    , wwwJuly 27, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    The Summer Scaries: What is Brain-eating Amoeba and How Do We Stop It?

    , wwwJuly 17, 2023infection-prevention kha-quality-webinarwebinarwww
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: Spacelabs Healthcare

    , wwwJune 29, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    Infection Preventionist Quick Guide and Checklist

    This material was prepared by Mountain Pacific, a Medicare Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO), …

    pdfJune 1, 2023infection-preventionpdf
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: Adventist Health Sepsis Journey and Collaboration with KATE

    , wwwMay 25, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: Blood Culture Metrics

    , wwwMarch 23, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    C. Difficile Education and Process Improvement through Infection Prevention, Laboratory, and Pharmacy Collaboration

    KHA 2023 Quality Conference Presentation: Shannon Davis, RN and Amory Scott, PharmD, BCPS

    , , , wwwMarch 3, 20232023 c-difficile infection-prevention kha-quality-conferencepresentationwww
    Toolkit for Preventing CLABSI and CAUTI in ICUs

    This customizable, educational toolkit aims to help ICUs reduce rates of central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) and catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI). (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

    , , htmlMarch 1, 2023cauti clabsi infection-preventiontoolshtml
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Webinar: Sepsis Care 2023: Is it Time to Get Personal?

    , wwwFebruary 23, 2023infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    KHA Podcast: Sepsis Survivor Week

    Sepsis Survivor Darrell Raikes and KHA Vice President of Quality & Health Professions Deb Campbell …

    , wwwFebruary 14, 2023infection-prevention sepsispodcastwww
    Kentucky Sepsis Consortium: Encyclopedia of Measures

    , pdfFebruary 6, 2023infection-prevention sepsispdf
    Baptist Health Louisville Sepsis Team Charter 2022

    , , , pdfJanuary 1, 20232023 infection-prevention kha-quality-conference sepsispdf
    C. diff Treatment Flowsheet

    , pdfNovember 1, 2022c-difficile infection-preventiontoolspdf
    Progression of a C. diff Infection

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    , pdfOctober 13, 2022c-difficile infection-preventionpromotional-materialspdf
    Patients and Families: Be Antibiotics Aware, C. diff Infection – Am I At Risk?

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    , pdfOctober 13, 2022c-difficile infection-preventionpromotional-materialspdf
    Blood Culture Dos and Don’ts

    , pdfSeptember 1, 2022clabsi infection-preventionguidelinespdf
    C. difficile Process Discovery Tool

    IPRO HQIC and St. Francis Hospital

    , xlsxJuly 15, 2022c-difficile infection-preventiontoolsxlsx
    C. diff Guidelines and Prevention Resources

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    , htmlJune 27, 2022c-difficile infection-preventionguidelineshtml
    Zone Tool: Sepsis and/or Infection (English)

    Alliant Quality

    , , pdfJune 3, 2022community-coalitions infection-prevention sepsistoolspdf
    Zone Tool: Sepsis and/or Infection (Spanish)

    Alliant Health Solutions

    , , pdfJune 3, 2022community-coalitions infection-prevention sepsistoolspdf
    C. difficile Testing Protocol

    Saint Francis Hospital

    , pdfMay 24, 2022c-difficile infection-preventionguidelinespdf
    Strategies to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia, ventilator-associated events, and nonventilator hospital-acquired pneumonia in acute-care hospitals: 2022 Update

    Society for Healthcare Epidemiology (SHEA)

    , pdfMay 20, 2022infection-prevention vaereportspdf
    ABATE Toolkit: Protocol to Reduce Bloodstream Infections in Patients with Specific Medical Devices

    This toolkit can help hospital infection prevention programs implement a decolonization protocol that was found to reduce bloodstream infections by more than 30 percent in adult inpatients who were not in intensive care units (ICUs) and who had

    , htmlMarch 1, 2022clabsi infection-preventiontoolshtml
    CMS Alphabetical Data Dictionary Version 5.10

    The General Abstraction Guidelines explain the different sections of the data element definitions and provide direction for common questions and issues that arise in medical record abstraction.

    , pdfDecember 31, 2021infection-prevention sepsispdf
    Everything You Wanted to Know about Sepsis but Were Afraid to Ask

    Note: Recording requires registration to access. (Owens & Minor)

    , wwwOctober 19, 2021infection-prevention sepsiswebinarwww
    SSI Process Discovery Tool

    , xlsxOctober 1, 2021infection-prevention ssitoolsxlsx
    Clinical Practice Guideline: 2021 Focused Update Guidelines on Management of Clostridioides difficile Infection in Adults

    Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)

    , wwwSeptember 1, 2021c-difficile infection-preventionreportswww
    Sepsis Awareness Month Toolkit

    Indiana Hospital Association

    , pdfSeptember 1, 2021infection-prevention sepsispromotional-materialspdf
    CLABSI Maintenance Audit Tool

    , xlsJune 3, 2021clabsi infection-preventiontoolsxls
    Central Line Maintenance Bundle Audit Tool

    , docJune 3, 2021clabsi infection-preventiontoolsdoc
    Central Line Maintenance Bundle Audit Tool

    Courtesy of Palmetto Children's Hospital

    , xlsxJune 3, 2021clabsi infection-preventiontoolsxlsx
    Foley Daily Log

    , xlsJune 3, 2021cauti infection-preventiontoolsxls
    CAUTI Maintenance Audit Tool

    Courtesy of Baptist Health Paducah

    , docJune 3, 2021cauti infection-preventiontoolsdoc
    SSI Event Analysis: A Team Approach to Preventing Surgical Site Infections

    Deaconess Hospital Henderson

    , pdfJune 3, 2021infection-prevention ssiwebinarpdf
    Where Do I Find That? IPC Resources for New IPs

    This all-in-one document contains infection prevention resources from several key infection prevention subject areas. (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology)

    pdfJune 1, 2021infection-preventionpdf
    CAUTI CLABSI Process Discovery Tools

    , , xlsxJanuary 25, 2021cauti clabsi infection-preventiontoolsxlsx
    Infection Preventionist Orientation Manual

    This Orientation Guide is intended for use upon hire for a novice or experienced Infection Preventionist (IP) in any healthcare or public health setting. (Kansas Department of Health and Environment)

    pdfJanuary 1, 2021infection-preventionpdf
    Guidelines for Prevention of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    , pdfJune 6, 2019cauti infection-preventionguidelinespdf
    Competency Self-Assessment Activity for Novice or Becoming Proficient IPs

    Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology

    pdfJanuary 1, 2019infection-preventionpdf
    C. diff Factsheet

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    , wwwJuly 27, 2018c-difficile infection-preventionguidelineswww
    Toolkit for Reducing CAUTI in Hospitals

    This toolkit helps hospitals prevent CAUTI in patients and improve safety culture at the unit level by implementing concepts from the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP). (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

    , htmlMarch 1, 2018cauti infection-preventiontoolshtml
    Promoting appropriate urine culture management to improve health care outcomes and the accuracy of catheter-associated urinary tract infections

    American Journal of Infection Control

    , pdfJanuary 1, 2017cauti infection-preventionreportspdf
    AORN Guideline Audit Tool: Environmental Cleaning

    Association of periOperative Registered Nurses

    , docxJanuary 1, 2016infection-prevention ssitoolsdocx
    Infographic Poster on CAUTI Prevention

    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

    , pdfSeptember 1, 2015cauti infection-preventionpromotional-materialspdf
    Treating Asymptomatic Bacteriuria: All Harm, No Benefit

    Massachusetts Infection Prevention Partnership

    , pdfJanuary 1, 2013cauti infection-preventionreportspdf
    Guidelines for Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment of CAUTI in Adults

    Infectious Diseases Society of America

    , pdfNovember 23, 2009cauti infection-preventionguidelinespdf