Sepsis Toolkit

The Kentucky Sepsis Consortium is happy to provide this sepsis toolkit for resources at your fingertips! Download the Toolkit or browse the individual documents below. Items can be sorted using the Category field.

Toolkit Resources

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Saving Sepsis Patients Protocol and Practice

Rebecca Sell, MD – UC San Diego Health …

, pdfSeptember 20, 2023presentations sepsis-toolkitwebinarpdf
Best Practices for Improving Sepsis Care and Outcomes: Coordinating Sepsis Care Across Your Hospital

Wolters Kluwer

, pdfSeptember 20, 2023guidance-and-sample-policies sepsis-toolkitguidelinespdf
Sepsis Supplies List

, xlsxSeptember 8, 2023kentucky-sepsis-consortium-resources sepsis-toolkittoolsxlsx
Pediatric Family Script

When there is a concern that a child may be at risk for sepsis, it’s important to start communicating with the family. Here are some talking points to share with parents/caregivers.

, pdfSeptember 8, 2023kentucky-sepsis-consortium-resources sepsis-toolkittoolspdf
Sepsis Screening Tool Badge Card

, pdfSeptember 8, 2023kentucky-sepsis-consortium-resources sepsis-toolkittoolspdf
Sepsis Process Discovery Tool

, xlsxSeptember 8, 2023kentucky-sepsis-consortium-resources sepsis-toolkittoolsxlsx
Sepsis Poster

To receive a full-size poster for your hospital, contact Deb Campbell.

, pdfSeptember 8, 2023kentucky-sepsis-consortium-resources sepsis-toolkitpromotional-materialspdf
KHA Sepsis in Kentucky Report

Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death. In the U.S. alone, sepsis affects 1.7 million people and takes 350,000 lives every year. However, as many

, pdfSeptember 8, 2023kentucky-sepsis-consortium-resources sepsis-toolkitreportspdf
Symptoms of Sepsis

, pdfSeptember 8, 2023getting-started sepsis-toolkitpdf
Sepsis Risk Factors

, pdfSeptember 8, 2023getting-started sepsis-toolkitpdf
Sepsis Facts

, pdfSeptember 8, 2023getting-started sepsis-toolkitpdf
The Kentucky Sepsis Consortium Journey

, pdfSeptember 8, 2023getting-started sepsis-toolkitpdf
Sepsis Quiz Show

Answer Key (Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU)

, pptxSeptember 1, 2023sepsis-toolkit staff-awareness-activitiespromotional-materialspptx
Hospital Sepsis Program Core Elements: 2023

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

, pdfAugust 1, 2023guidance-and-sample-policies sepsis-toolkitguidelinespdf
SEP-1 and Value-Based Purchasing: What You Need to Know to Prepare

Sepsis Alliance

, pdfJuly 1, 2023presentations sepsis-toolkitwebinarpdf
Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Management Bundle (Composite Measure) v5.13 Review & Updates


, pdfMarch 24, 2023presentations sepsis-toolkitwebinarpdf
Life After Sepsis Fact Sheet

What sepsis survivors need to know (CDC, Sepsis Alliance, & Rory Staunton Foundation for Sepsis Prevention)

, pdfJanuary 30, 2023articles-and-fact-sheets sepsis-toolkitguidelinespdf
How to Reduce Hospital-Onset Sepsis

At one children’s hospital, a simple electronic trigger reduced onset sepsis cases and mortalities by more than half. (Children's Hospital Association)

, wwwJanuary 30, 2023articles-and-fact-sheets sepsis-toolkitwebsitewww
Pizza Document

This document was provided on top of pizzas delivered to nursing areas within the hospital.

, pdfJuly 6, 2022sepsis-toolkit staff-awareness-activitiespromotional-materialspdf
Answers for the CCHMC Virtual Sepsis Escape Room

Cincinnati Children's

, pptxJuly 6, 2022sepsis-toolkit staff-awareness-activitiespromotional-materialspptx
Do You Know a Sepsis Survivor? Sepsis Story Questionnaire

Would you be willing to share your story to bring awareness to sepsis? (Baptist Health)

, pdfJuly 6, 2022sepsis-toolkit staff-awareness-activitiespdf
CMS Alphabetical Data Dictionary Version 5.11

The General Abstraction Guidelines explain the different sections of the data element definitions and provide direction for common questions and issues that arise in medical record abstraction.

, pdfJune 30, 2022guidance-and-sample-policies sepsis-toolkitguidelinespdf
Hospital-Based Sepsis Care: The Evolving Definition of Sepsis and the Role of the ED Medical Director and Quality Team in Sepsis Care

Bobby Redwood, MD, MPH, FACEP Chief of Emergency Medicine Cooley Dickinson Hospital Bob Dickerson, RRT, …

, pdfOctober 13, 2021presentations sepsis-toolkitwebinarpdf
Requirement for Documentation: Fluid Volume Changes in Sepsis Resuscitation

, pdfJuly 27, 2021guidance-and-sample-policies sepsis-toolkitguidelinespdf
Huddle Worksheet

Baptist Health

, xlsxJuly 14, 2021sepsis-toolkit toolstoolsxlsx
Adult Sepsis Policy

The implementation of evidence-based early recognition and invasive/non-invasive treatment guidelines for Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock for patients presenting on admission through our Emergency Department and those developing severe sepsis or septic shock within our inpatient units.

, docxJuly 14, 2021guidance-and-sample-policies sepsis-toolkitguidelinesdocx
Sepsis Sample Size Requirements


, pdfJune 30, 2021guidance-and-sample-policies sepsis-toolkitguidelinespdf
Sample Sepsis Policy

T.J. Regional Health

, pdfMarch 30, 2021guidance-and-sample-policies sepsis-toolkitguidelinespdf
IP Adult Downtime

Meadowview Regional Medical Center

, docxApril 1, 2019sepsis-toolkit toolstoolsdocx
Handoff Tool

T.J. Regional Health

, pdfFebruary 1, 2017sepsis-toolkit toolstoolspdf
Nurse-Driven Screening Tool for Early Identification of Sepsis in an Intermediate Care Unit Setting

HHS Public Access (Gyang, Shieh, Forsey, …

, pdfFebruary 1, 2015articles-and-fact-sheets sepsis-toolkittoolspdf