KHA Quality Webinar: Process Improvement 101, Part 1

This webinar is designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in the PI process. Through this initiative, we aim to ignite inspiration and equip you with the skills to effectively tackle healthcare’s many quality and safety challenges. Our goal is to empower all healthcare staff to recognize their role in addressing current patient needs while contributing to sustainable future improvements. Together, we will address a spectrum of issues, ranging from minor inefficiencies to significant challenges encountered in healthcare settings.

Presenter: Adam Isaacs BSN, RN, HACP-CMS
Quality Process Improvement Specialist, Kentucky Hospital Association


  • Define Process improvement terms and explain the first 2 steps in PI process.
  • Explain and elaborate on Swiss cheese model.
  • Break down how to define a problem in a process improvement project.
  • Identify team members who need to be involved in process improvement projects

Intended Audience: healthcare leaders, quality improvement staff, risk managers, patient safety personnel, and any healthcare worker interested in using the PI process.

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